Main Areas of Interest

  • Medical devices in major areas (e.g. cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedic)
  • Minimally invasive – surgery technologies including robotics and tracking
  • Medical equipment: therapeutic and diagnostic
  • Health and personal Care products
  • Medical IT and healthcare web applications
  • Aesthetic-medical technologies


Evaluation Process for Entrepreneurs Picking the Winners

Our evaluation process is simple and straightforward. We carefully select companies, and seek to bring them from idea
to investment as quickly as possible.


icon_1 You send executive summary, company presentation and relevant CVs to Alon MedTech Director of Business Development, Mr Assaf Mansour.
 icon_2 Alon MedTech team reviews material, looking primarily for clarity of purpose, vision, novelty of technology, market demand and high growth potential.
 icon_3 We invite you for a meeting. If we find your project suitable, we initiate a due diligence process, which we conduct with you in an interactive manner.
 icon_4 Upon a positive outcome, we introduce the project, along with you, to the Alon MedTech advisory board.
 icon_5 If the project is approved, we forward the request to the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
 icon_6 The OCS examiner and incubator committee review project and reach a decision.
 icon_7 Selected companies join the Alon MedTech family, which supports them through all phases of growth and development.