ClipTip Medical

ClipTip Medical - develops novel micro clip applier devices for performing regular and advanced micro-laparoscopy.

Our multi-clip devices are characterized by a diameter of less than 3 mm, longer clips; larger opening of the clip arms; better visibility of the clip and a secure closure.

These features will render our devices superior over existing clip appliers and will make them an ideal tool for both, regular as well as advanced laparoscopy or endoscopy procedures such as: needlescopic surgery; single port surgery; NOTES; and robotic surgery.

The total worldwide laparoscopic devices market was estimated at around $6 billion in 2010 with cumulative annual growth rate of ~7% by 2015. One of the main driving forces of this market is the strive to reduce the number of incisions and their sizes.

EVA Visual

EVA Visual - develops hand held high resolution 3D scanner for capturing, planning and simulating of cosmetic and dermatological procedures.

Eva hand-held device will enable fast and robust 3D image built in real time of full face, neck and other body areas.

Esthetics Injectable & Plastic Surgeries WW market today is estimated at ~ $20B but there are no good means to plan simulate and document esthetic treatments.

Our product will provide an effective way to visualize and quantify depth and volume and offer an objective way to simulate, plan, document treatment and compare before and after images.

Butterfly Medical

Butterfly Medical¬†‚Äď develops an innovative, implantable device for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

BPH is the non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate, effecting affecting 50% of men above 60 and more than 70% of men above 70.

BPH symptoms have a significant effect on the quality of life.

The Butterfly Medical device is a new generation device that offers a superior alternative to existing BPH minimally invasive treatments.

Unlike current treatments that are surgical in nature and therefore require certain level of recovery and carry a risk of complications, the Butterfly Medical device is non-surgical, can be delivered at the comfort of the physician’s office and offers immediate relief.

Approximately 30 million men around the world experience some level of BPH symptoms and about 25% of those men will actively seek treatment.

Anchora Medical

Anchora Medical - develops novel micro laparoscopic device for a single and continuous suturing via one action.

Laparoscopic suturing and knot tying is a technically challenging and time consuming effort that utilizes tools which have not evolved since the inception of the field.

Anchora‚Äôs solution combines superior suturing advantages with operational simplicity – saving OR time and shortening the surgeon’s learning curve. The device can penetrate the abdominal wall directly or through a port, leaving minimal to no scars.

The total worldwide laparoscopic devices market was estimated at around $6 billion in 2010 with over 4 million yearly laparoscopic procedures in the USA alone.


BrainMARC - develops wearable EEG-based tools for mental evaluation.

Our technology advancement enables us to generate EEG biomarkers based on a minimal number of EEG sensors and a short sampling time with or without corresponding computerized tasks.

These unique features are used for the development of an ambulatory easy to use medical device for guiding the management of neuropsychiatric dysfunctions. The first product based on this technology is a tool for early evaluation of pharmaceutical depression treatment.

Additional applications for BrainMARC’s technology include medical and mobile health tools for rehabilitation guidance, ADHD evaluation, prediction of migraine attacks as well as cognitive and emotional status evaluation for consumer applications.

ArchimedUS Medical

ArchimedUS Medical - An innovative device for esthetic applications, using a proprietary non-Invasive, energy based technology




Filterlex Medical

Filterlex Medical – The next generation embolic protection device (EPD) for reducing the risk of stroke and other complications during catheter-based left-heart procedures.





TriSol Medical

TriSol Medical - develops a prosthetic percutaneous Tricuspid valve replacement. The Trisol valve is constructed of nitinol frame with specially designed leaflets. Its unique design provides a comprehensive solution to the unique anatomical and functional challenges which arise when treating Tricuspid Regurgitation by a replacement valve.

There are 1.6 million patients suffering from moderate to severe TR in the US. The price of prosthetic valves, which are currently commercial, is around $20K. As such, the total addressable market for Tricuspid replacement valve in the US alone amounts to tens of billions of dollars.






Sens4Care - develops a robust, non-intrusive automatic monitoring and alerting system for vital signs, human activity and mobility.

The novel sensing technologies provides solution for contact free continuous monitoring of hospital patients, enabling early detection of patient deterioration and prevention.

Contact free continuous monitoring can prevent never events like falls and Ulcer, identify respiratory and cardio events in real time, reduce ICU days and medical staff workload.

The same technology is used for senior population independent living enabling elderly people to retain their safe and secure living at home.

As the world population is aging, Sens4Care solutions will enable elderly people to retain their safe and secure living at home.

Healium Medical

Healium Medical - develops contactless ablation system for treatment of atrial fibrillation Рthe most common cardiac arrhythmia affecting more than 33 Million patients worldwide.

The company has developed miniature transcatheter ultrasound transducer array enabling contactless circumferential pulmonary vein isolation with real-time lesion monitoring.  Our technology will simplify the procedure flow, shorten procedure time and improve procedure efficacy currently at poor 60% long term.  Our technology will be a considerable improvement over existing solution requiring tissue contact, extensive catheter steering and maneuvering and no direct lesion monitoring feedback.

The atrial fibrillation ablation market is the fastest growing segment in cardiology (11% CAGR between 2013-2016 market),with over 950k procedures per year, more than $1.4B sales/year and over $2B in acquisitions in the past 8 years.  This market is expected to continue growing due to recent years acceptance of this treatment benefits over drug therapy, increased number of physicians trained & patients awareness and large percentage of redo procedures due to technological limitations of existing available solutions.


NeuroIndex is developing an intra operative monitoring device, to enable the anesthesiologists to better assess and manage a patient’s level of consciousness during an operation and provide the accurate amount of anesthesia needed by each patient.

Such monitoring is critical in most surgeries to prevent (a) postoperative state of delirium and cognitive dysfunction resulting from excessive use of anesthetics, and (b) the prevention of insufficient anesthesia, exposing the patient to the possibility of being paralyzed yet fully aware of what is occurring during surgery.

In 2016 the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) launched an initiative called Brain Health Initiative (BHI) where they acknowledged that the issue of delirium and cognitive changes after surgery and anesthesia are a major challenge which needs to be addressed.

The Lancet estimated that the global surgical volume is in the range of 264 Million procedures per year.

Serenno Medical

Serenno Medical - a medical device startup company targeting the ICU and hospital environment. Developing a novel methodology and device for automatically and continuously monitoring Urine Output (UO) for hospitalized patients. The Serenno system is offering a breakthrough solution for accurate and automatic UO measurement- with a lower cost disposable unit, smart alarms, less workload and improved patient safety.

Cardiac Success

Cardiac Success is developing a novel transcatheter cardiac implant to improve cardiac function in patients with heart failure and/or functional mitral regurgitation.


Hallura vision is to build a new technology platform in order to create the next generation of dermal fillers for esthetic medicine that solve the main limitations of current products.

Through 2021 total sales of dermal filler will expand by 11.7% per year to reach $3.25 billion. Until recently the main approach was to treat visible wrinkles. The market is moving towards the volumizing approach, treating the full face or reshaping the body. The current products on the market are not well adapted.